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EZMailer Script

EZMailer has the mailing list solution for your website. Designed for small and medium sized websites, it is also very easy to use and to set up. The script is designed to work in the same style and design as your website with ease. The script uses Perl CGI, which is standard on almost any web host. A basic version is available for FREE !

* Download the basic version for FREE!
The basic version of the script is for free. No catches, no sign-ups and most certainly no adware or spyware. Download it now !

* Download the XTra version for $29 !
Get the full-featured version of the script for use in all websites you make.

* Request a modification, customization or installation support
The script can be modified to suit all of your needs. You can also request help to install it on your server or a customer server.


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